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BANG! The Dice Game: The Walking Dead | Tabletop Review

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I’m just here to slay. Zombies. BANG! The Dice Game: The Walking Dead is copyright of Asmodee and USAopoly. Images used for reference and commentary.

Zombies aren’t the only threat in this game, which pits you against the biggest evil of all – humans! Roll the dice and think twice about those you can trust. You never know who is really on your side in this deadly bluffing game.

BANG! The Dice Game: The Walking Dead uses five dice with different symbols. These let you shoot guns, throw grenades and heal. They also expose you to zombies and deadly toxins. You have three rolls to try and inflict as much damage to the people you believe to be your enemies. Be prepared for people to hold a grudge and come for you.

There are two main factions that people play as – the Survivors and the Saviors. There are also two loners – Hilltop and The Kingdom – but depending on how many players you have, you might only play with one Loner. The Survivors want to kill the Saviors. The Saviors want to kill the Leader of the Survivors. The Loner wants to kill everyone.

Note: “Survivor” and “Savior” are easy to get confused. Especially when “Savior” sounds like it should be good but is actually evil. Try not to get caught out when you are bullshitting everyone that you are good.

The alliances are all kept secret, except for the Leader of the Survivors. The role of Leader of the Survivors can be overwhelming for certain people, especially if it is their first time playing. Consider reshuffling and redealing the roles if you think this will be too stressful or elect someone to be Leader and randomise the rest.

Each player also has a character card. These are dealt randomly but not kept secret. Remember to read your character’s special ability – and don’t forget to give the Leader of the Survivors +2 health!

Note: This edition of BANG!  The Dice Game is based on The Walking Dead comics and uses the awesome character artwork. This means that if you have any hopes of playing characters like Daryl, Sasha, Beth or Noah, prepare to be disappointed, because they were made up by the TV people.

It is important to realise that this is not only a bluffing game but an elimination game. Once you are dead, you are out of the game. And if you play with a lot of people, you may find that you don’t get many turns before you die. Which is not fun. This game can be played with 3-8 players, but the best number to play with is 5-6.

The game’s only real big fail is that, unlike the original BANG! The Dice Game, the dice are not engraved. This means that the images on the dice will eventually wear off. Grr!

This is a very fun game to play, as long as you play with the right kind of people. Friendly competitiveness is fab. Cutthroat nastiness is gross. Good luck finding the right balance!

3.8 out of 5 stars

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Sheriff of Nottingham | Tabletop Review

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. Alms for the poor? Sheriff of Nottingham is copyright of Arcane Wonders. Images used for reference and commentary.

In Sheriff of Nottingham, you are trying to smuggle contraband past the Sheriff to help the outlaw Robin Hood. Players take turns as the Sheriff, while the others declare what type of legal goods they are bringing to market. The Sheriff must decide whether to inspect their wares or let them pass, based on how shifty looking they are and how probable their story is.

If you are caught red-handed with illegal wares, they are confiscated and you pay a fine to the Sheriff. If the Sheriff checks and there is no funny business, then you get some hush money to keep you from blabbing that he done goofed. It is possible to slip the Sheriff some coin to easy along the procedure. They must decide whether to take it and let you pass or refuse it and check your wares, because you are clearly suspect.

This is a hard-core bluffing game. Good luck if you are incapable of lying or have no poker face. You need to be able to bluff and double-bluff. You must also suss out whether your fellow players will think you are legit or full of it. Play it to your advantage, take risks and have fun.

You can choose to play the entire game by only ever declaring legal goods, but how is that going to help Robin Hood? Don’t you want to help the cause? Don’t you? Also, contraband is worth more, so if your opponents get that sweet sweet swag past the Sheriff, while you play it safe, you shall be royally screwed.

Each gameplay is different, depending on the players, suspicion and strategy. A fun game for 3-5 players.

4 out of 5 stars