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Marrying Mr. Darcy: Emma Expansion | Tabletop Review

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I just like playing at meddling in the lives of others. Marrying Mr. Darcy is copyright Evensen Creative. Images used for reference and commentary.

For fans of Jane Austen and Emma comes a game expansion that turns Marrying Mr. Darcy into Marrying Mr. Knightley.

The Emma Expansion includes six heroines, five suitors, and a brand new event deck. The die and character card deck from the base game remain the same and are needed to play. It also includes three Undead cards, so you can play with the Undead Expansion. Be prepared for the Undead Expansion to refer to characters from Pride & Prejudice. You can choose to substitute them for Emma characters or pretend there is a crossover zombie apocalypse.

The biggest changes are the matchmaking, blunder and revelation cards – because Emma is all about getting up in people’s business! This spices up gameplay, especially if someone is playing as Emma and can choose to steal matchmaking cards.

Marrying Mr. Knightley – as I insist on calling it – is a great game for fans of Jane Austen and Emma. There are enough noticeable differences to Marrying Mr. Darcy that make the Emma Expansion worthwhile.

4 out of 5 stars

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Marrying Mr. Darcy: Undead Expansion

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I just do it for the undead masses. Marrying Mr. Darcy is copyright Evensen Creative. Images used for reference and commentary.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a game about marrying Mr. Darcy can only be enhanced by zombies.

This is a small expansion of 20 cards that add an extra obstacle to your pursuit of the perfect husband – the undead! New cards include undead mob attacks, as well as weapons and items. These can help you conquer or avoid the zombie hordes.

The biggest change is that the heroines and their suitors can become zombies themselves. This drastically changes the proposal stage. You don’t want to marry a rotting corpse! But…if you have been zombified, you can turn and claim one of the menfolk – even if he’s already married! It all depends on the roll of the dice.

Like in the original game, the heroine with the highest points wins – whether she is married, an old maid, or undead.

This is a small but worthy expansion. I would like a few more cards, and many of the zombie cards simply require you to exclaim something to get a +1 on your roll. I do not like having to exclaim things! People are always misunderstanding me.

The Undead Expansion is recommended for people who like both Mr. Darcy and zombies. The base game is required to play. It can also be coupled with the Emma Expansion.

3 out of 5 stars