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Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir | Mobile Game Review

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I just gained a desire to be a superhero in Paris! Copyright CrazyLabs by TabTale. Images used for reference and commentary.

Save Paris in the official Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir mobile game! This game is what is called a “runner.” You are always on the move and must swipe up, down and side to side to dodge, duck and jump. It is a simple mechanic¬† but a tricky challenge.

The game starts of easy but gets more and more difficult. In each level you play Paris’ superheroes Ladybug or Cat Noir. It alternates between them, but not in a set one-two pattern. Sometimes they even start off in their civvies! The goal for each level varies, from collecting items to overcoming obstacles. The obstacles are ever-changing. Even redoing the same level will not give you a duplicate pattern. You must be always on your toes!

Bumping into things side-ways is okay, but you lose if you run head-first into something. Then you must either restart the level or watch an ad to continue – but this is a one time offer. If you crash again, you must restart – or lay down some moolah. It is possible to pass a level over several attempts, but if you are a completionist, prepare to be frustrated.

The game has cut scenes that play in the midst of some levels. These run a risk of throwing you off when they end, leading to a crash. The same applies to watching an ad to continue. You will probably sit through a 30 second ad only to crash and have to restart anyway.

The levels with the villains-of-the-week are ironically the easiest, whereas they should be considered “boss battles.” The real bosses are the ever-moving and changing obstacles, which can be difficult to see before you ram into them.

The game’s graphics are gorgeous, with the beautiful animation and lively Paris scenery. If you are familiar with the show, it will make you want to go watch it. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for? Go watch!

The Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir Official Mobile Game is enjoyable with decent difficulty. It would benefit greatly from a lives system. Three hearts, maybe?

3 out of 5 stars


The Incredibles 2 | Movie Review

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. How dare they? Time to become a super villain! The Incredibles 2 is copyright Disney and Pixar. Images used for reference and commentary.

Warning: This movie contains scenes with flashing lights that may be unsafe for people with epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.

The Incredibles are back! It only took 12 years. Were you alive back then? The sequel picks up right where the first one left off. Bye bye fan theories that a grown-up Dash or Jack-Jack would be the new villain. Maybe in another 12 years?

In Incredibles 2, an eccentric hero-crazy businessman wants to lure the public’s affection back to the heroes. The secret? Good press! The best hero for the job? Elastigirl! Now she must leave her family to kick bad-guy butt, sway the public, and preferably stay alive. That would be a nice bonus.

Yes, Helen Parr is front and center. She was kicking butt in the first movie – and now she is kicking more butt! Whether it’s as Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl, I cannot get enough of this lady. #TeamElastigirl!

Helen is a super hero and a super mom. And now Bob has to dad it up to her level. It ain’t easy! Props to Mr. Incredible’s characterisation – he is still one flawed man. He has a short temper, an inferiority complex, and he’s jealous of his wife’s success. Wow, he sounds like a tool. The realism is on point. His behaviour is not justified or excused, but who wants to watch a movie about some glamorised twit? It is very reflective of the times – then and now – to see a man struggling to come to grips that his wife is succeeding in areas where he has faltered and is unable to thrive.

Like the first movie, The Incredibles 2 is not strictly a movie for the kiddies. “Whaaat? But it’s animated! It’s rated for kiddies!” This is true. But both flicks deal with family, marital struggles, and the need to find – and follow – your purpose. Also, the humour seems to be more targeted at the old(er) generation. It never stops to pander and that is what makes it great.

The Incredibles 2 has more, more, more than the first one! More Frozone, more Violet and Dash kicking butt, and more Jack-Jack. I have mixed feelings about Jack-Jack, the Gary Stu baby. If he was not an infant, the fact that he has 17+ powers would be irritable, not endearing. Instead, it lends itself to the story and the humour. But if they do make another Incredibles movie, set in the future, and Jack-Jack does still have all of these powers, he had better be a villain. Or I will be bored out of my mind watching him out-super Superman.

Oh, the villain! How could I forget? The villain is the Screenslaver – an anonymous dude who wants people to continue hating on super heroes. He uses the power of technology and mind control. Great stuff. Very unsubtle, comic book-esque, and lends itself beautifully to the importance of media in influencing the masses.

The Incredibles 2 is worth the wait. If you enjoyed the first one, you won’t be disappointed.

4.3 out of 5 stars

Console Games

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit | Game Review

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. Just the almighty need to protect this cinnamon roll! The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is copyright Dontnod Entertainment. Images used for reference and commentary.

This is a short free prequel to the upcoming game Life is Strange 2. It is about Chris Eriksen – a ten year old boy who uses make-believe to get through the harsh realities of life. It is all about escapism and imagination. There is no greater superpower than imagination!

The game is set in the lead-up to Christmas. You play as Chris, a kid who lives alone with his dad. The snowy scenery is gorgeous – and the music is beautiful. It draws you into this small little corner of the world where Chris lives and plays.

Because Chris is so awesome, he has invented his own superhero alter-ego – Captain Spirit. If anyone wants to know, I too have a superhero alter-ego – The Urchin – a hedgehog vigilante who defends the streets in the dead of night! Anyway… Captain Spirit fights against his evil arch nemesis, Mantroid. You must assemble Captain Spirit’s costume, fight bad guys and save the day!

There are several things to do around the house Рboth magnificent and mundane. Chris has a list of things to do, so make sure you check it if you want to accomplish everything and not miss anything! Some things are annoying to try and find. How hard is it to find some make-up? How hard is it? Where did you hide my make-up, Dad? Geez.

There are lots of things to discover around the house. There is the make-believe stuff, but also the daunting reality, including many things that hint at why things are the way they are for Chris and his dad.

Tip: Don’t wake up Chris’ dad unless you want to expedite the game’s end before you have had a chance to do all the things.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a sweet but serious mini game, which will give you a taste for what to expect in Life is Strange 2. I have not played Life is Strange yet, but Captain Spirit has left me wanting to give it a go.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is available for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

3 out of 5 stars