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The T-Shirt Game | Tabletop Review

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. Not even a free t-shirt. The T-Shirt Game is copyright Buffalo Games and Tactic. Images used for reference and commentary.

In The T-Shirt Game, you play as witty T-Shirt designers.

The game uses the same mechanics as Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. One player reveals a T-Shirt design and the other players must submit their best slogan card. The winner for the round is chosen and the game continues.

Where the game differs is the points system. The winner of the round picks a “Hot or Not” card, which tells them how their shirt was received by the public, the celebrity that was caught wearing/endorsing it, and how many points it is worth. There is also the “BOOYAH!” card. This allow you to steal points from other players.

The T-Shirt Game isn’t as funny (or crude) as some of the other games that follow this format. It will not ensue laugh out loud funny times, but it is mildly enjoyable. The points system is excellent.

2.3 out of 5 stars

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